Terms & Conditions

Important Legal Notice

Effective Date: June 21, 2022

The [Summer of Phygitals NFT Drop] (“Program”) is a discretionary program. We retain the right to cancel or modify the terms of the Program at any time, in our sole discretion.

The Program must be entered by submitting your [wallet address] and clicking “MINT” on summerofphygitals.com/mint. You will receive the NFT in your designated wallet within 24 hours via the Decentraland Backpack.

We are not able to issue any rewards to persons who are on any sanction lists maintained by the United Nations, Singapore, the EU, UK or the US or who are in a jurisdiction sanctioned by the same. The payment of rewards to you shall not render you our employee, worker, agent or partner or imply a similar relationship. We make no representation regarding any tax obligations (“Tax”) arising out of or connected to your participation, including the receipt of any rewards, and at no time shall we be liable for payment of the same. You are responsible for all Tax payable in connection therewith.

By entering into this Program, you warrant that you are of legal age and that you will comply with any laws applicable to you and not engage in any illegal activities. Any conduct by you that appears to be unlawful, malicious, or criminal in nature will immediately disqualify you from participation.

None of the information available, or made otherwise available to you in relation to its use,constitutes any legal, tax, financial or other advice. Where in doubt as to the action you should take, please consult your own legal, financial, tax or other professional advisors.

We will not be liable for any loss, whether such loss is direct, indirect, special or consequential, suffered by any party as a result of their participation.

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